Prof. Suresh Mahalingam

Suresh Mahalingam is a viral immunologist, with a particular interest in the pathogenesis and treatment of viral-induced inflammatory diseases. He is presently an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Professor at the Institute for Glycomics, Griffith University in Australia. He has made numerous advances in our understanding of viral inflammatory diseases. His greatest achievement has been the large body of work over 10 years identifying mechanisms in alphavirus musculoskeletal disease. His discovery of interplay between viral infection and bone homeostasis has led to understanding of how arthritogenic alphaviruses cause joint disease. His contribution to fundamental research is complemented by clinical and translational ‘spin-offs’ supported by highly productive collaborations with clinician-scientists and commercial partners. This led to the identification of drugs to treat viral-induced inflammation, which will soon enter clinical trials in 2016/2017. He has received numerous awards and honours from major Australian funding and research bodies. He was recently elected as Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology for his important and sustained contributions to the field of microbiology.
Title of talk: New insights into Alphavirus disease mechanisms and novel therapeutics and Vaccine approaches.

Abstract: Virus-induced inflammatory diseases, including arthritis, pneumonia and encephalitis, are a significant cause of human morbidity and mortality. There is a clear need to improve our understanding of the pathogenesis of this diverse array of conditions. In recent years my laboratory has unravelled the mechanisms of how alphaviruses cause musculoskeletal disease (arthritis, arthralgia, myositis). Alphaviruses are the most common cause of
musculoskeletal disease worldwide. Alphaviruses have caused explosive epidemics involving thousands to millions of patients, with several recently emerging in new geographic locations. My laboratory has carried out extensive work in understanding the pathogenesis of alphaviral disease and identifying new mechanisms, which has led to the identification of new candidate therapies for viral arthritides. These mechanisms and recent human studies will be discussed.

Prof Suresh Mahalingam
NHMRC Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and Professor of Virology
Principal Research Leader, Emerging Viruses and Inflammation Research Group
Institute for Glycomics
Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus
Queensland 4222
Tel: +61 7 5552 7178
Fax: +61 7 5552 8098

Adj Prof University of Georgia, USA.
Adj Prof Australian National University.

Adj Prof University of Wollongong.
Deputy Director, Queensland Tropical Health Alliance.
Board of Directors, Australian Institute of Policy and Science.